Photography Contest of International Museum Day of Macao, 2016


Museums and Cultural Landscapes is the theme of International Museum Day 2016. This theme highlights the responsibility of museums not only on their collections, but also their environment, including the cities, villages and communities to which they belong, and calls on them to promote and communicate about both their own collections and the cultural and natural heritage around them. Museums of all kinds can contribute to sustainable development by strengthening ties between people and their environment.

I. Objective:

In response to the theme of the International Museum Day, and to achieve the objective of museums in Macao going into the community so as to enlarge the public space of service provision, the contest encourages photography enthusiasts to record Macao around the theme of "The Mobile Museum - The Blending of Chinese and Western Cultures in Macao".

II. Qualifications:

Effective full-time students of Macao schools and Macao residents can individually participate in the Primary Student Category, Secondary Student Category or the General Category (no age limit). Each participant can only submit a maximum of three photos.

III. Requirements of Entries:

  • The submitted work must be originally created and cannot be previously published in public, awarded any prizes or bound by any copyright restrictions.
  • Color or black & white photos can be accepted, photos by computer synthetic and/or processing with special effects will not be allowed. It is allowed to make appropriate adjustments to the photo's brightness, contrast and color saturation.
  • The image, title and descriptions of the photo cannot contain any indecent or illegal content. It also cannot contain promotion or advertisement of any commercial product or service.
  • Photo size: Minimum from 2MB to maximum 10MB.
  • Photo format: .JPEG or .JPG in electronic file, 1200 mega pixels or above is recommended.
  • Each submitted photo should mention:
    1. Title: In Chinese, Portuguese and/or English (maximum CN-15 characters, PT/EN-20 words)
    2. Description: In Chinese, Portuguese and/or English (maximum CN-75 characters, PT/EN-100 words)
  • Each photo should show both Chinese and Western elements, and relevance to and interpretation of any of three sub-themes of "The Mobile Museum - The Blending of Chinese and Western Cultures in Macao":
    1. All About Our Daily Life (e.g. clothing, food, accommodation, transportation)
    2. Where Power Comes From (e.g. religion, entertainment, sports)
    3. People and Landscape (e.g. people, landscapes)

IV. Prizes: Awards of different categories will not be repeatedly presented to the same person.

Category Primary Student Secondary Student General
1st Prize iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi 16GB iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi 16GB iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 16GB
2nd Prize Book coupons valued at MOP1500 Book coupons valued at MOP2000 Book coupons valued at MOP2500
3rd Prize Book coupons valued at MOP1000 Book coupons valued at MOP1500 Book coupons valued at MOP2000
Appreciation Awards Three winners for each category, book coupons valued at MOP500 per winner.

V. Registration and Submission of Entries:

  • Acceptance of entries: By email only. Please send your Registration Form and entries to the mailbox: webmaster@museums.gov.mo
  • Deadline for submission: 5:30pm on 14/04/2016 (Thursday). Late submissions will not be evaluated.

VI. Evaluation:

  • The executive units will invite professionals in the fields of art, photography and culture to be the judges. The results are subject to the final judgment of the judges.
  • Criteria of evaluation:
    1. Relevance to and interpretation of the theme - 40%;
    2. Creativity exhibited in the photo - 30%;
    3. Technical merit of the photo - 20%;
    4. Title and description of the photo - 10%.

VII. Declaration:

  • Personal data collected in the Registration Form will only be used for the arrangement of the activity and handled according to the law of personnel data protection of Macao SAR.
  • All staffs of public or private museums of Macao are not allowed to participate in the Contest.
  • All submitted entries will be exhibited at the activities of International Museum Day. The executive units reserve the rights to copy, publish and translate the entries for other exhibitions and promotion without prior permission of the participants or remuneration.
  • If an entry were a product violated to the requirements, the participation will be considered null and void, and any prize paid to winning work will be recovered.
  • Any issues not covered in the regulations and clarification of doubts will be the exclusive competence of the executive units.

Executive units: Maritime Museum, Macao Museum, Communications Museum of Macao