Macao International Museum Day Carnival 2023 - Online Game

1. Event dates:

  • Online game: 14 May to 4 June 2023
  • Carnival: 14 May 2023

2. Organiser: Cultural Affairs Bureau

3. Participating entities (ranked by Chinese stroke count):

Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt, Former Chong Sai Pharmacy, Tung Sin Tong Historical Archive Exhibition Hall, Xian Xinghai Memorial Museum, Lin Zexu Memorial Museum, Heritage Exhibition of a Traditional Pawnshop Business, Fire Services Museum, Maritime Museum, Communications Museum, Museum of Taipa and Coloane History, Treasure of Sacred Art of St. Joseph's Seminary, General Ye Ting's Former Residence, Zheng Guanying Memorial Museum, Macao Grand Prix Museum, Handover Gifts Museum of Macao, Museum of the Macao Security Forces, Macao Science Center, Macao Museum, Macao Museum of Art, Taipa Houses.

4. Target participants: citizens and tourists in Macao. Staffs of the Department of Exhibitions and Museums of the Cultural Affairs Bureau and those of the participating entities are not allowed to participate.

5. Gameplay:

  • A first-time user shall register through a mobile phone number.
  • Click "Start the Game" on the homepage to view exhibits and select a museum to check in.
  • Go to the museum proper to find the designated exhibits, and scan them with the game camera to complete the check-in. If you do it successfully, you will get a key to the treasure chest.
  • Click "Task Board" on the homepage, complete any task therein to get a key to the treasure chest.
  • On the "Task Board", share a "treasure card" with a friend. Once your friend clicks and receives the card, you and your friend will get 1 key to the treasure chest. A user can share with up to 88 friends and get 88 keys at most. Duplicate collection of a key is invalid.
  • Keys can be used in the treasure chest to redeem prizes and to take part in the lucky draw.
  • Click "NFT" on the homepage and select any three elements related to the museum to get your non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can be shared on social media platforms. NFTs are for collection purpose only.

6. Lucky draw:

The big draw will be on 2 June. Winners will be announced in the game and duly notified to receive the prize.

7. Prizes and redemption:

  • Prizes are limited, on a first come first served basis, while stocks last.
  • Prizes are provided by relevant museums and merchants. Users shall go to a designated location to collect the prize by showing the e-voucher (subject to a validity period thereon). Any prize can only be redeemed once. Each user can only redeem with one mobile phone at a time. The organiser has the final right to decide whether a user is eligible for redemption and shall bear no responsibility thereof.
  • Users can check the details, the location and time for redemption, and terms and conditions of the e-voucher under "My Treasures" on the "Treasures" web page. Users will also receive SMS notifications on their mobile phones.
  • Users need to agree to the terms and conditions of the e-voucher to redeem prizes.
  • Images of any prize shown on posters and promotional materials are for reference only. The actual prizes shall prevail. The organiser is not a supplier of any prize and shall not be held responsible for any loss or liability in relation to any such prize.
  • Once a prize is delivered, no return or exchange will be accepted. A winner, failing to collect a prize within the validity period, is deemed to have forfeited the prize.
  • The winners are decided by background data. Any hacking or other illegal acts to violate the rules of the event will disqualify the violator's participation and his/her right to claim a prize. The organiser reserves the right to take legal action against the violator.

8. Operating system:

  • The organiser is not responsible for any incompatibility between the game and the mobile app/operating system. Neither is the organiser responsible if any page is not properly displayed due to network or other reasons that affect the game.
  • An AR-enabled mobile browser is required. Safari, Chrome, or Firefox are recommended for the best experience.

9.Personal Data Collection Statement:

  • The recipient of the data refers to the entity to which the data is notified in accordance with the law or with the consent of the data subject.
  • The data collected will be used for the purpose of this event only, and any policy and practice related to the collection of personal data shall comply with the provisions of Law No. 8/2005 "Personal Data Protection Act". The organiser will destroy the data after the event ends.
  • Winners shall consent to be photographed when receiving the prize and to the posting of such photos on any social media platform.

10. Other provisions:

  • The organiser reserves the right to, without prior notice, amend the terms and conditions of the event or suspend or terminate the event, and shall bear no liability for such actions.
  • Users must fully agree to and accept the terms and conditions of this document to participate in the game. Anyone who does not accept any provision herein shall leave the game and delete his/her user record.
  • The game may be suspended or terminated due to technical reasons. The organiser will take contingency measures in that case, while reserving the rights of final interpretation and final decision on the event.

11. Contact us:

  • Inquiries: 8988 4000
  • Office hours: 09:00-13:00 and 14:30-17:45, Monday to Thursday
    09:00-13:00 and 14:30-17:30, Friday

12. Technical support: Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau (CTM) (Inquiries: 88913295, Ms. Kuan; office hours: 09:30-18:30, Monday to Friday)

13. The Chinese version of this document shall prevail.

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