International Museum Day Carnival, 2017

International Museum Day Carnival, 2017

Date: 03/05/2017, Wednesday

Venue: Red Market and surrounding streets

Time: 11am ~ 5pm

The Mobile Museum - Red Market x Drunken Dragon Festival

The Red Market Building was completed in June 1936. Covering an area of 1450m2, it was located at the intersection of Avenida Horta e Costa and Avenida Almirante Lacerda. The market was designed by Júlio Alberto Basto and originally named Almirante Lacerda Municipal Market. However, owing to the red bricks used on its exterior, the local residents later called it the "Red Market". Everyday the stores in the market are piled up with fresh meat, seafood, vegetables, groceries, dried food and even flowers and cooked food. The cries of the vendors and their surrounding crowds of customers create a vibrant atmosphere in the market, making it a dynamic city.

The Buddha's Birthday is on the Eighth of April according to the lunar calendar. The lively Drunken Dragon Festival is also held on the same date in the Red Market. The Drunken Dragon Festival originates from Xiangshan County of the Guangdong Province. The fishermen that immigrated to Macao have brought in this traditional custom from their hometown. It has over a hundred years of history in Macao. The drunken dragon dancers are usually males that have practised martial arts. Each dragon is held by two dancers at its head and tail. The other two dancers will hold the wine bottle and beat the drum. The dance has developed from the improvised dancing by the drunken dancers to a combination of actions and steps from the essence of different types of martial arts. This traditional custom among the fishermen has become the Drunken Dragon Festival in Macao.