The award winners of "Museums in Macao" webpage design competition

"Museums in Macao" Webpage Design Competition has reached a successful conclusion on 12 August. Under the recommendation of the adjudication panel, Adoption Award and Honorary Awards will be given. The award winners are: Adoption Award: Cheang Hoi Sam; Public Group Honorary Awards: Cheang Hoi Sam and Ng Lek Hang; Student Group Honorary Awards: Wong Kun Kun and Ho Sok Ieng. The winners of the Adoption Award will be given MOP 5,000.00 with a certificate of honor, each winner of the Public Group Honorary Award MOP1,000.00 with certificate of honor and each winner of the Student Group Honorary Award will be given MOP 500.00 book coupon with a certificate of honor. The awarding ceremony will be held soon.

The adjudication panel comprised the following invited members: Eng. Wu Chu Peng, Director of Maritime Museum; Mr Mo Hong Meng, Representative of Macao Museum; Mr Chao Sio Leong, Representative of Macao Museum of Art; Mr Cheong Pui Yuen, Representative of Macao Science Center; Eng. Lao Lan Wa, Representative of Communications Museum of Macao and Choi Cheong Hung, Representative of Grand Prix Museum.

List of the awarded works: