Macau to Celebrate International Museum Day

In celebration of International Museum Day on May 18th, a series of activities including open day of museums, issuance of postal products, distribution of souvenirs, exhibitions, seminars, game booths, and competitions will be held. This year's theme "Museums and Universal Heritage" seeks to arouse worldwide museums' awareness to redefine their roles in the preservation of heritage.

Representatives of various museums and exhibition halls at a joint press conference today (April 27) announced details of the celebrations.

Admission to all museums, memorial houses and exhibition halls will be free on May 18th and some will offer additional free admission days for visitors and locals. The Macau Post Office will issue a special souvenir cover for "Macau International Museum Day" while the Communications Museum will provide date stamp service.

Major joint activities this year include the "Roster Game" and "Exposing the Museums in Macau" Digital Videography Competition. For details, please visit In addition, to actively promote Macau's multi-cultural characteristics to Hong Kong and the Guangdong province while, at the same time, strengthen cultural exchange among museums in the three regions, the Macau Museum will organize representatives from various local museums to visit Hong Kong and Guangdong, to celebrate International Museum Day.

Starting May 18th, both residents and visitors could redeem "Macau International Museum Day" souvenir cover and enter a lucky draw simply by completion of the "Roster Game" with stamps from various museums. The draw to be held in June will give out fabulous prizes such as the Macau World Heritage Tour and Guangzhou One-Day Tour.

The newly organized "Exposing the Museums in Macau" DV Competition is to encourage local residents to participate in museum-related activities while fostering their creativity in making DVs. The videos will have to show the characteristics of museums in Macau by filming images of the museums themselves, their facilities or the exhibits.

Museums providing stamps for the "Tic-Tac-Toe" game include Natural and Agrarian Museum, Grand Prix Museum, Museum of the Holy House of Mercy, Heritage Exhibition of a Traditional Pawnshop Business, Fire Services Museum, Maritime Museum, Communications Museum, Wine Museum, Museum of Taipa and Coloane History, Handover Gifts Museum of Macao, Lin Zexu Memorial Museum of Macao, Museum of the Macao Security Forces, Macau Tea Culture House, Macau Museum, Macao Museum of Art, Taipa Houses-Museum, Dr. Sun Iat Sen's Memorial House in Macao.

For further details of the activities, please contact (853) 3941209, 7984181 during office hours or visit the website